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Kent Shiraishi | on Tumblr (Japan)

If you are a Mac owner, you might recognize Japanese photographer Kent Shiraishi’s striking photo “Blue Pond" as one of your available desktop backgrounds. A resident of the northern island of Hokkaido, Shiraishi enjoys photographing the natural scenery of his home, including the same stunning pond location during all four seasons. Because the pond, located in Biei, has a dramatic ability to change colors daily, it has been a very fruitful subject for Shiraishi. “Blue Pond" also won Honorable Mention in National Geographic Photo Contest 2011, and his photo of the same location when the water was a beautiful shade of green was an editor’s choice in this year’s contest. (source: Asia Society)

[more Kent Shiraishi | artist found at actegratuit]

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Im on High North A-i-R Network seminar . Tromso Norway

Photo 21 Jun Sevastyanova Alyona 
oil on canvac, acrylic

Sevastyanova Alyona


oil on canvac, acrylic

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I am on Yagry. 2013

Text 6 Jun

Anonymous asked: Девствинница?

это видно по моим работам)))))))))))))))))))

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Video 2 Jun

my legs))) 2013

Video 2 Jun

In my studio . 2 of June 2013

Photo 2 Jun oil on canvas 2013
Sevastyanova Alyona

oil on canvas 2013

Sevastyanova Alyona

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